Dog knows best

My dog jumped over a chain link enclosure today. It was only a few inches off the ground, but still, she leapt. This is significant because at fifteen she is essentially in the body of a 100-year old woman…without the blue hair. Yet everyday this old dog teaches her owner new tricks. Just a few months ago, as my faithful companion led us on our regular tour of the hood, a friendly neighbor called out in amazement, “That dog must be 30 years old by now, as long as I’ve seen you two walking!” I smiled and thought to myself how so much time has gone by and how many walks we’ve had together…at least 8,000 by my estimate. And no matter what the circumstance, my best friend has always put on a happy face for our twice-daily bonding ritual. She has taught me that every day is a new day worth exploring no matter what body you’re in.

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  1. Sadie is absolutely the most amazing and loving dog! What a great shot of her, too. I credit her with helping me through a few rough patches myself. She is so lucky to have you too, my dear!

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