The California raisins are here

As you have just witnessed with your very own eyes…the hummingbabies are here!!! The plump and juicy California raisins arrived some time in the middle of the night and they are unbelievably adorable and frighteningly small. I was afraid to sneeze while taking these photos in the event that the babies might get whisked away by the current and settle on top of someone’s bran flakes. I haven’t actually seen the kids move, as I’m only able to hang my camera over the nest. I’m just a hair too short to witness them with my naked eye and a dime too cheap to invest in a taller stepstool. However, I do have some very exciting video footage planned for the week ahead so we will ALL get to see them move. 

I did some test video today but I’m still working out the compression settings to get some nicer looking video for the web. However, I do have a VERY ROUGH test video up now. You can check it out by scrolling to the bottom of the menu on the left. When you get to the video box just click on the green arrow near the bottom right-side of the photo and you’ll see mama hummingbird pecking her babies to death. Actually, she’s just returned from a food hunt and is feeding her babies, except you can’t see their heads over the nest yet.

I can’t believe what a doting mother these babies are fortunate enough to have. I would imagine that in the animal kingdom, just as in the human world, it’s a crap shoot as far as what parents you get. But these kids lucked out! (Except for the two-timing father hummingbird who was gone in a blink of the eye.)  I had the video camera set up on the nest for hours today and mama leaves the nest every 15 minutes or so and brings back some grub for her kids. Then she plops down on top of them to keep their body temperature warm until it’s time to go on another hunt in 15 minutes. In the first several days of life, the biggest threats to the babies are getting too cold and getting eaten by ants and other insects, so the mother can’t afford to be away from them for too long. Needless to say, this lady is working her tail feathers off! 

Well, I’m beat so I’ll avoid telling a long-winded story tonight. Besides, all of you have to get caught up on my latest (and longest) essay ”Cheap Things” that was posted on Friday. Happy reading!

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  1. Wow…Jim and I had that experience too and it was incredible. It is amazing that they live and survive that small! I wanted to tell you, too, that your pictures are incredible…Jim wants to know what your camera is. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you soon!


  2. Please excuse this comment as it has nothing to do with the wonderful stories and messages you have added to your blog; however, I decided that this was the time to address my overwhelming desire to use the smiley face at the end of EACH and EVERY sentence. 🙂 I am fully aware of the fact that this is a bad habit and unprofessional AND I use it on an overly regular basis! My fingers just can’t stop that urge to click the ‘colon – parenthesis’ after I touch the God forsaken period key. I am not sure what causes my need to do this – but I am certain of one thing – this is definitely a therapy issue! 😉

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