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Things are seldom as they appear

Sometimes, looking through a 65-mm macro lens is like having a superpower I wish I didn’t have. Lately, it’s torn open a tiny world that seems to be under constant threat of civil war. And as much as I don’t want to take sides, it’s becoming increasingly impossible not to. No matter whether in the big, real world that we’re...

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Sinister (the stalking of a honeybee)

While exploring the garden today with an assortment of macro lenses, a tiny scene of disproportionately unsettling horror caught my attention. It started innocently enough when a honeybee got ensnared in a small shred of abandoned web. As I considered whether to attempt a rescue operation to free the writhing creature or wait to see if he could vibrate free...

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Fragile existence

Charlotte didn’t consume her old web or rebuild a new web last night. This disturbs me because I’m convinced she went to bed hungry. At nightfall, there was not much more than a tiny nat or two trapped on the sticky strands of her dilapetated web. A web which had taken a substantial beating throughout the day and was literally...

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