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Sinister (the stalking of a honeybee)

While exploring the garden today with an assortment of macro lenses, a tiny scene of disproportionately unsettling horror caught my attention. It started innocently enough when a honeybee got ensnared in a small shred of abandoned web. As I considered whether to attempt a rescue operation to free the writhing creature or wait to see if he could vibrate free...

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Probability and luck

Charlotte finally caught a meal last night. I realize now why she builds such a huge web. It’s not because she’s greedy. It’s all about probability and luck. Yesterday, while working at my desk, I watched from my window as several honey bees vibrated themselves out of the web to safety, and even as a moth shed some scales to...

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Every little moment

With all the excitement of the hummingbird discovery yesterday, I quickly shoved aside my original idea to relay my experience of a half-hour spent with a busy bee. So here I am, revisiting a topic that might not be as interesting as the soon-to-be arrival of two miniature birds, but still a topic worth sharing because of its philosophical underpinnings. ...

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