Dublin the Dog and I braved the beach while others remained hidden away in upper level apartments or at higher elevations throughout Ventura, after heeding weather warnings of a potential tsunami slamming the Pacific coast. After all, a little tsunami is no match for Hurricane Samara who has already left a trail of destruction wherever she’s been. So I figured, why not go face to face with the rain and wind and join the helicopters looming over the ocean waters of Ventura, in hopes of glimpsing one of Mother Nature’s most devastating forces. So here we were, woman with wildly wind-swept hair and canine with hilariously wind-swept ears, watching the tiniest of waves tumbling under a dark, stormy sky. Would a huge monster of a wave rise from the sediment-laden turbulence of the Pacific Ocean? Would we be suddenly thrust onto the ocean floor, as a whirl of buildings and cars floated above us? Would we see our house, steadily losing buoyancy, drop down beside us – as the contents of our simple lives spilled forth from the windows, doors, and chimney? Would the dozens upon dozens of heart-shaped rocks I’ve salvaged from the beach over the years also pour out from our once firmly-planted dwelling, to be rightly returned to the deep, blue waters from which they came? Caught up in the fascination of it all, I was jolted back into reality upon returning to my house and finding it upright and unchanged. Of course, this reality is a good thing, but I still can’t suppress the excitement I feel whenever Mother Nature takes control. I’ve always hoped that when I die it will be by some trick from her magically powerful hands. I’m just glad it didn’t happen today. 🙂

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