Rainy days are never wasted on me. I have always had an affinity for rain, but since I have taken ill, rain is even more significant to me. While watching the heavy droplets pound my window during this latest California storm, I pondered as to why this could be. Many ideas crossed my mind. Could it be that I am hypnotized by the melodious pitter-patter on the roof while sipping a steaming hot cup of ginger tea? Is it that I am enchanted by the awakened scent of moist earth and honeysuckle? Or does it remind me of  my childhood spent in Florida, where a fresh rain never failed to drastically cool the hot, sticky, uncomfortable summer? I surmised that all of these are true, but that none of them have any specific tie to my recent illness. Then it suddenly occurred to me that on the recent days it has rained I felt like a normal person. Not an odd hermit living in self-imposed exile, but your everyday, healthy person enjoying the laziness of a rainy day. The rain gave me an excuse to fall off the face of the earth. The rain made me feel whole again…even if for just a fleeting moment.