Monthly Archive: March, 2008

Made in China

Recently, I challenged myself to a gargantuan task: boycott all goods made in China. Let me assure you that this decision does not have its roots in racial bias or discrimination. I’m simply tired of buying poorly-made items that fall apart in two weeks (see “Cheap Things”), and using my purchasing power to help support unethical practices such as the...

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Saying good-bye

How do we know when it’s time to say good-bye? Sometimes it’s a choice based on someone or something moving on, either physically or emotionally. Other times, it’s shoved right in our face, without our being given any choice, as in the case of death. In the past two days, I’ve had to say good-bye for both reasons, or so...

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Good grief!

Will someone please explain the true meaning behind the phrase “good grief”? And please, don’t emphasize the fact that Charlie Brown mutters it on a regular basis as justification for its meaning. If ever an oxymoron existed, it would be in the use of these two words together. This is especially true if used to describe today’s happenings in Hummingbird-ville....

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