Monthly Archive: August, 2020

Probability and luck

Charlotte finally caught a meal last night. I realize now why she builds such a huge web. It’s not because she’s greedy. It’s all about probability and luck. Yesterday, while working at my desk, I watched from my window as several honey bees vibrated themselves out of the web to safety, and even as a moth shed some scales to...

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Some spider!

Charlotte has become not only a friend, but a subject of intense fascination. I have now had the privilege of viewing many of her habits including building a new web, consuming the old web for valuable protein, wrapping up prey and carrying it to her hiding place, snoozing all day under a branch, and even shooting out silk from her...

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Charlotte, the orb-weaver

Meet Charlotte, the half dollar-sized orb-weaver spider I’ve been watching for a few days. Every night she gets to work building a web over a foot in diameter, connected by long anchor filaments, including one attached to my roof over 7-ft away. One morning I awoke to find her wrapping up an early caught honey bee, and then dragging the...

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