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The usual (and some unusual) suspects

On my little property, sandwiched among other modest properties in my suburban Ventura neighborhood, I’ve built a lush green paradise with inviting plants and watering holes where birds eagerly flock. By far the most ubiquitous species to frequent my garden is the common house sparrow. You know, that gregarious songbird with brown, black, and gray markings who gathers in large, social...

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Let’s talk about sex

Ah, Anna’s Hummingbird – the mainstay of the Pacific Coast bird world. This tiny creature, weighing in at less than a quarter of an ounce, with a wingspan of only 4.5 inches, is a common fixture in the California garden. But, even so, I never get tired of observing its fascinating feeding, mating, and child-rearing antics. The affections of many...

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