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In response to my asking her repeated questions about where to indulge my rekindled interest in hiking, my friend Ashley bought me a day hike book for Ventura County. I was stunned at the number of trails in the area that had gone unnoticed by me. I’ve always been the kind of person that slows down, looks around, and smells...

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A story of human intervention

My day started off the same as every other this month. Feeling the weight of depression that only a broken relationship can impart, I dragged myself out of bed and blamed myself immediately for the ugly state of the world. It’s a good thing for my dog, or I might not even bother waking up and feeling sorry for myself....

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New beginnings

The moon is a master at accepting change. She has no choice. With every passing day she is either closer to darkness or closer to light…depending on her mood. She doesn’t have to console herself with trite pacifiers such as “the only constant is change” or “time stops for no one.” She knows that her life cycle is beyond her...

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