Category: Friendship

Observations from V-Day

A year and two weeks after first sequestering at home to avoid the sinister Covid-19 virus, I found myself inside CVS, lining up for a vaccine that I didn’t want but couldn’t avoid. I followed the footprint signs on the floor ’round and ’round the store aisles, like a rat eagerly racing through a maze to get the treat. I...

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Four-legged friendships

Llamas and dogs make friends, but just how deep do they bond? When Gaze, the llama, gets out of sight of his constant companion, Baylord, the llama, he kicks at the dirt, pulls on the leash, and gets downright unpleasant. Dublin and Checkers met for the first time on the weekend this photo was taken, but these dogs were instant...

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Living and loving

My friend James has a favorite quote. “If you live long enough, you’ll eventually lose everything you love.” Some may think that’s depressing, but I find it inspiring, and to know James, is to know he does too. It forces us to look at love as the center of the universe. To hang onto it for all it’s worth, for...

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