Probability and luck

Charlotte finally caught a meal last night. I realize now why she builds such a huge web. It’s not because she’s greedy. It’s all about probability and luck. Yesterday, while working at my desk, I watched from my window as several honey bees vibrated themselves out of the web to safety, and even as a moth shed some scales to escape. Fortunately, one bee remained when Charlotte emerged at dusk from slumber to enjoy dinner/breakfast, before many hours of hard labor. The first video below shows her wrapping the bee in fine silk. I’m not sure what prompted her to run off quickly near the end of the video. Perhaps she got spooked by the camera light. More likely, though, it’s part of the ritual to observe from a distance that the enshrouded prey is no longer moving before taking her first bite. The second video shows her settling down to feast on her hard-won meal. I hope she enjoyed it! I didn’t stay to watch the whole thing because I felt she deserved privacy. 

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