Some spider!

Charlotte has become not only a friend, but a subject of intense fascination. I have now had the privilege of viewing many of her habits including building a new web, consuming the old web for valuable protein, wrapping up prey and carrying it to her hiding place, snoozing all day under a branch, and even shooting out silk from her spinneret glands. My original worry that her huge web, cast directly in a honey bee zone, would capture more innocent prey than was needed to sustain her life, appears to be largely unfounded. I observed that many of the bees wiggle their way out of captivity after awhile. In fact, unless I missed her wrapping up any victims and carrying them away yesterday, her web was completely empty when she came out at dusk to start her busy work “day” – first with web demolition, then with construction. You may recall that two days ago, consumed with worry, I tore down her web and moved its single captive near her hiding spot where she lay sleeping. I was delighted that she graciously accepted my “gift” and, at some point in the day, gathered it up and moved it closer into her cave. I continue to marvel at how intelligent and regimented Charlotte is, and how her interesting life is unfolding right before my very eyes.

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