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Let’s talk about sex

Ah, Anna’s Hummingbird – the mainstay of the Pacific Coast bird world. This tiny creature, weighing in at less than a quarter of an ounce, with a wingspan of only 4.5 inches, is a common fixture in the California garden. But, even so, I never get tired of observing its fascinating feeding, mating, and child-rearing antics. The affections of many...

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Good grief!

Will someone please explain the true meaning behind the phrase “good grief”? And please, don’t emphasize the fact that Charlie Brown mutters it on a regular basis as justification for its meaning. If ever an oxymoron existed, it would be in the use of these two words together. This is especially true if used to describe today’s happenings in Hummingbird-ville....

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The California raisins are here

As you have just witnessed with your very own eyes…the hummingbabies are here!!! The plump and juicy California raisins arrived some time in the middle of the night and they are unbelievably adorable and frighteningly small. I was afraid to sneeze while taking these photos in the event that the babies might get whisked away by the current and settle...

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